Change Register your Office

After an organization’s enrolled office is determined by documenting the INC 22. Any progressions to the organization’s enrolled office should be accounted for to the ROC. Assuming that the workplace address changes inside a similar city, town, or town, the change should be educated in something like 15 days by recording the proper structures.

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Process to Change Registered Office

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Drafting INC 22

Registered Office Changed

Overview of Change Registered Office

According to Section 12 of the Companies Act of 2013, it is mandatory for all businesses, including LLPs, to establish a registered office either at the time of registration or within 30 days thereafter. This registered office serves as the primary official address for a corporation or LLP, where formal communications from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) are directed. Consequently, any change in the registered office address must be promptly communicated to the Registrar of Companies (RoC) or MCA. While a business may operate from multiple locations such as corporate offices, branch offices, or administrative centers, only the registered office address needs to be notified to the MCA. There is no legal obligation to inform the RoC or MCA about the establishment or alteration of addresses for additional offices of the company.

What is the procedure to change registered office of the company?

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Documents Required for Registered Office Change

Why to Change Registered Office

Change in business operations: If the company’s business operations change and it requires a new location to better serve its customers or suppliers, it can change its registered office.

Business expansion: When the company expands or contracts its business, it may require a new registered office that is more suitable for its operations.

Merger or acquisition: In case of merger or acquisition, the company may change its registered office as part of the restructuring process.

Change in ownership: If the ownership of the company changes, the new owners may want to change the registered office to a location that is more convenient for them.

Convenience: If the company finds that its current registered office is no longer convenient, it may change its registered office to a location that is more accessible or has better facilities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the rules for shifting of registered office?
Rules for shifting the registered office of a company in India depend on where you’re moving. If you’re moving within the same city, you just need to notify the Registrar of Companies (RoC). For moves within the same state, shareholder approval is required. For moves from one state to another, you need approval from both shareholders and the central government.
Can a company have more than one registered office?
In India, a company can only have one registered office. This is the place where all legal communication related to the company is sent. However, a company can have multiple branch offices in different locations.
Is the head office and registered office the same?
The three common circumstances under which a company changes in address of registered office is as follows:
  • Change Of Company Registered Office within the same village or city
  • Change Of Company Registered Office within the same state
  • Change Of Company Registered Office from one state to another
Is permission from the shareholders required to change the address of the registered office?
Yes, the permission of shareholders is required to change the registered office address. The change in the registered office address requires passing a special resolution in the general meeting of shareholders.
What are the circumstances under which a company can change its registered office?
A company can change in registered office address under various circumstances such as change in the place of operation, convenience of management, expansion plans, and change in the state or jurisdiction.